Cadillac® Vortex CV-U Meter

Acknowledged as the industry standard for direct natural gas flow measurement.

The principle behind the Cadillac® Vortex CV-U measuring is highly suited towards the measurement of compressible fluids such as gases. With no moving parts and a linear relationship with flow the technology provides a highly reliable and accurate way to provide direct measurement of compressible mediums.

Cadillac® Meter offers three versions of our Vortex flow meters, which are all suitable for gas flow measurement, but one is specifically designed for gas applications. By employing different technologies for picking up or measuring vortices Cadillac® Meter has the ability to provide the best suited and widest range of application solutions to meet the end user needs.

Our CV-U Vortex meter employs the use of Ultrasonic sensing technology, which mount just downstream of the shedder bar assembly and provide high sensitivity on the lower end of the operating range, extending the meter’s ability to measure at much lower flow rates than other sensing technologies. The Ultrasonic Vortex meter is ideally suited to types of gases (except Hydrogen due to density). The meter is available in wafer style process connections for 1/2″ through 4″ and insertion style as shown in illustration above in pipe sizes ranging from 4″ through 72″. Mass electronics are available as an option, which will provide a compensated display and output from the meter. For more information on this meter click on the Ultrasonic Vortex illustration above or the Ultrasonic Vortex Tab on left of page above.

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