Cadillac® Vortex CV-HS Meter

The meter of choice for high pressure saturated and super-heated steam

The Cadillac® High Sensitivity (CV-HS) Vortex Meter is a rate and totalizing meter which is capable of measuring liquid, steam and gas. Due to its rugged design it is particularly suitable for direct saturated steam measurement. In any steam system the Cadillac® Vortex Meter is the number one technology choice due to Cadillac®’s accuracy, linearity, reliability and rangeability.

Like many other flow meters, the Cadillac® Vortex Meter is a velocity measuring device which computes flow by multiplying the effective cross sectional area of the flow meter with the detected fluid velocity. The meter has no moving parts and consists of a meter & bluff body (shedder bar) and amplifier assembly. It detects velocity by measuring the frequency of the vortices, as they peel off the shedder bar of the flow meter. The frequency of these “Karman” vortices is directly proportional to the velocity of the moving fluid, whether this is a gas or liquid.

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