Cadillac® HEATX BTU Energy Meter

The choice for accurate energy measurement

The Cadillac® BTU Meter (HEATX) is designed to measure the energy consumed in hot water heating and chilled water cooling systems. The system is a rate and totalizing device, which is capable of calculating and displaying Volume, Energy, Temperatures and Peak Energy usage. Combined with Cadillac®’s superior flow meter technologies the HEATX provides the most accurate, repeatable, and maintenance free energy system available in the industry.

The Cadillac® BTU Meter (HEATX) measures the temperature in the feed and return lines via two precision matched 4-wire RTD’s and from this calculates the density and enthalpy of the water. In addition, by also measuring the volume of water flowing in the system via the Cadillac® flow meter, the HEATX will then compute, display, and output the Energy consumed.

The New Industry Standard

Combined with Cadillac®’s superior flow meter technologies the HEATX BTU meter has quickly become acknowledged as the industry standard. Customers choose the Cadillac® HEATX BTU Meter because of proven: accuracy, dependability, consistency, maintenance, reliability and rangeability.

Cadillac® BTU / Energy Meter has the ability to provide the best suited and widest range of application solutions to meet the end users energy measurement needs.

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Application Features

Operation Principles