Cadillac® Energy CU-E Meter

The choice for accurate energy measurement

The Cadillac® CU-E BTU Meter is designed to measure the energy consumed in hot water heating and chilled water cooling systems. The meter is a rate and totalizing device, which is capable of calculating and displaying Volume, Energy, and Temperatures.

The Cadillac® CU-E BTU / Energy Meter measures the temperature in the feed and return lines via two RTD transmitters and from this calculates the density and enthalpy of the water. In addition, by also measuring the volume of water flowing in the system via the Cadillac® flow meter, the CU-E will then compute, display, and output the Energy consumed.

The New Industry Standard

Combining Cadillac®’s CU-T ultrasonic flow meter with advanced electronics and the capability for temperature inputs the CU-E BTU / Energy meter is quickly become acknowledged as the industry standard. Customers choose the Cadillac® CU-E BTU / Energy Meter because of proven: accuracy, dependability, consistency, maintenance and rangeability.

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