Cadillac® Energy CMASS Meter

The choice for accurate energy measurement

The Cadillac® CMASS Mass Flow / Energy systems are designed to measure the energy consumed in Super-Heated Steam and Natural Gas applications. The system is a rate and totalizing device, which is capable of calculating and displaying Volume, Volume Flow rate, Corrected Volume, Corrected Flow rate, (Heat & Heat Flow rate in Natural Gas), Mass, Mass Flow rate, (Energy in Steam) , Temperature, Pressure, (Compressibility Factor in Natural Gas), and (Specific Volume & Enthalpy in Steam). Combined with Cadillac®’s superior flow meter technologies the CMASS provides the most accurate, repeatable, and maintenance free Mass Flow / Energy system available in the industry.
The Cadillac® HEATX CMASS Mass flow / Energy meter measures the Volumetric flow via a Cadillac® CV-P, CV-HS, or CV-U Vortex flow meter along with temperature and pressure inputs via separate loop powered transmitters and in turn calculates the Mass flow and Energy of the compressible media (Gas or Superheated Steam) being measured using internal calculations specific to either Steam (IAPWS industrial formulation) or Natural Gas (SGERG AGA-8 Gross equations).

The New Industry Standard

Combined with Cadillac®’s superior flow meter technologies the CMASS Mass Flow / Energy meter has quickly become acknowledged as the industry standard. Customers choose the Cadillac® CMASS Mass Flow / Energy Meter because of proven: Accuracy, dependability, consistency, low maintenance, reliability, and rangeability.

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