Cadillac® EMAG Magnetic Flow Meter

The liquid meter of choice

The Cadillac® EMAG Magnetic Flow Meter has been acknowledged as the industry standard for accuracy and electronics innovation.

The Cadillac® EMAG magnetic flow meter is capable of measuring liquids of all types and consistency while providing an obstruction free flow path. While the EMAG has a traditional flow tube/coil design the EMAG shares the same electronics platform as the CMAG. This provides the EMAG with the same electronics capabilities that enhance the CMAG’s performance and thus enhances the EMAG capabilities in a similar fashion. The result is a reduced flow profiling or piping straight run requirement in comparison to meters with the same flow tube design eliminating more than half of the piping straight run in comparison.

The EMAG with its traditional flow tube design provides an economical alternative for those applications where some piping straight run or flow profiling is available. With a common electronics platform shared with the CMAG, the EMAG has all the electronics features and options available as standard and an industry standard accuracy of +/- 0.50% of rate or reading. In any conductive liquid application the Cadillac® magnetic flow meter is the number one technology choice due to Cadillac® ’s accuracy, linearity, reliability and rangeability.

The Hot/Chilled Energy Water Flow Meter of Choice

With improved flow profiling requirements over traditional flow meters the EMAG makes an excellent choice for both Hot and Chilled water energy applications, where some piping straight run is available.The EMAG electronics capability allows retrofit areas with some flow profiling, without affecting the measurement accuracy. In addition, the EMAG has a turn-down of 100:1, which is suited for many applications with modulating flow rates that remain above 1 ft/sec.

The Water and Wastewater Industry Standard

With its improved flow profiling or piping straight run requirement the EMAG makes an optimal choice for both water and wastewater applications. With line sizes common above 16 inches the EMAG allows new designs to eliminate long piping straight runs in order to get an accurate and reliable flow measurement. This helps reduce the footprint of a building or other areas where the flow meters would be mounted. With increased wetted material selections most Water, including potable (NSF/ANSI 61 approvals), applications have also looked to magnetic flow meters as the preferred choice, especially in applications requiring analog (rate) or pulse (totalized) outputs.

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