Cadillac® CMAG Pumped and Gravity Condensate Meter

Recognized as the New Industry Standard

Since its introduction, the Cadillac® Magnetic Flow Meter has quickly become acknowledged as the industry standard for both pumped and gravity condensate measurement

The Cadillac® CMAG condensate and gravity magnetic flow meter has been designed specifically for the requirements of retrofit in pumped and gravity applications. With a unique flow tube design that distributes the voltage generated by the induced magnetic field evenly throughout the entire flow tube area, the Cadillac® CMAG is able to accurately measure flows in just about any location it can physically be installed. With unprecedented low flow capabilities and a 300:1 turndown at +/- 0.25% of rate or reading accuracy it provides the most versatile and accurate volumetric flow measurement available. The only installation requirement for the CMAG is that the flow tube is completely flooded when measuring, and that 1.5 pipe diameters of straight run up and downstream of the meter centerline are available. (In gravity applications it may be required to install a piping “Wet Leg” to ensure the flow tube is flooded at all times)  If 1.5 diameters from centerline are not available (2” meter size and below the 1.5 diameter straight run requirement is met by the flow tube itself) then the meter becomes a +/- 0.50% accurate device without any piping straight run or flow profiling of any kind. In any condensate system the Cadillac® CMAG magnetic flow meter has quickly become the number one technology choice due to Cadillac®’s accuracy, linearity, reliability and rangeability.

The New Industry Standard

Historically, liquid flows have been measured by mechanical or differential pressure producing flow devices/meters. However, as with any mechanical system, the meters are subject to wear and tear and require regular maintenance and calibration. Worse most of these technologies have very limited turndown capabilities, which mean that either accuracy suffers or the meters no longer measure when flows drop below certain velocity thresholds. The Cadillac® CMAG eliminates all of these problems with no moving parts, a much higher accuracy (+/- 0.25% of rate) and a 300:1 turndown, effectively rendering all mechanical flow meters obsolete.

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