Cadillac® CDIS BTU Energy Meter

The choice for accurate energy measurement

The Cadillac® CDIS Remote display, also known as a BTU Energy meter, is designed to provide a local, wall or panel mounted display, for the Cadillac® CV-P, CV-HS, CV-U Vortex MASS flow meters in a saturated steam or fixed pressure gas flow application. The BTU meter display shares the same electronics platform and configuration architecture as the HEATX Energy / BTU Meter, providing the end user the same look and feel for either device. This BTU meter display is a rate and totalizing device, which is capable of calculating and displaying Volume, MASS, and Energy. Combined with Cadillac’s superior flow meter technologies the CDIS provides the most accurate, repeatable, and maintenance free energy system available in the industry.

The CDIS BTU Energy meter remote display with receive the compensated or MASS Pulse output from one the Cadillac® CV Vortex style meters, and will display, and retransmit (if desired) the Energy, consumed.

The New Industry Standard

Combined with Cadillac®’s superior flow meter technologies the CDIS BTU Energy Meter has quickly become acknowledged as the industry standard. Customers choose the Cadillac® CDIS remote display because of proven: Accuracy, dependability, consistency, low maintenance, reliability, and rangeability.

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Operation Principles